It would be impossible to say when these tales began, they’ve roamed the recesses of my mind for so long. And then, one particularly cold Autumn day in 2009 I decided it was time to commit the stories of Gods & Mortals to the page.

The plan was to publish a chapter each Friday in 2010 And so, from the 1st of January 2010, to the 31st of December I released a new chapter - 53 in all. (Plus some hidden bonus chapters.) As the year began, less than 1/2 of the story had been written. Some chapters were finished months in advance while others were hastily declared “done enough,” mere moments before uploading. As such, some of them are more refined, whilst others... well... not so much.

The (free) online edition, is almost the original version as it was presented in 2010 - I take the liberty of fixing errors and typos as I see them.

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Thank you, thank you! And as always, I wish you happy reading!



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